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Private Charters are a great way to celebrate any occasion, or just have a fun day out on the boat with your friends!  Charters can be 2-3 hours long and up to 30 people.

We are the only charter in the area where drinks and adult beverages are included!  You can cruise for the time on the boat, we can park and you can jump in the water, or we can visit some of our favorite locations including F-cove, Treasure Island or Flag Island.  

Corporate parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, kids’ birthday parties, reunions, engagement parties, family gatherings and business gatherings are always a hit.  We also offer Senior Citizen Group outings followed by a luncheon and gorgeous Sunset Charters.  We do it all! 

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Private charters for 2-3 hours and up to 30 people.  
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